Reacts is a Philips product (“Reacts”) which is comprised of a Windows, Web, and Mobile Applications (“Services”). Reacts can be integrated into Philips medical devices, also known as Collaboration Live, and enables an integrated communication platform that allows users to remotely collaborate in real-time. Reacts helps improving the efficiency and quality of interactions between members of the health care team.

When an organization is considering relying on Reacts for communication and collaboration, privacy is something that needs to be addressed at every level. Reacts acts as a data processor to our business partners, the healthcare provider or the account administrator of the organization that acts as data controller, who will provide the privacy notice to you. Reacts processes the personal data to deliver the agreed-upon services defined in the Terms of Use: depending upon the Reacts platform used and the role assigned to you, different functionalities and capabilities may be made available. Ultimately, Reacts processes personal data for the purposes determined by the data controller obtaining the service or the product in which the Reacts services are embedded.